Mr. Bolly

Mr. Bolly

Dollard des Ormeaux rapper/hip hop artist Bharat Kapoor, better known these days by his stage name of Mr. Bolly, is joining the circus as a singing ringmaster. We are not talking about a circus with animals, but rather a fun fair featuring deejays and entertainers which will begin touring the province in January followed by Canada and eventually the world.

“When La Chapelle Records approached me with the idea of becoming the ringmaster of their circus, it made me very excited because it allowed me to take rap and hip hop and introduce it to the circus genre,” Mr. Bolly shared with me. “I truly felt it was the right path what I was trying to achieve artistically. There is nothing better than a challenge to help an artist to create and be innovative.”

Mr. Bolly has performed in New York, Toronto, London, Mumbai, Zurich and of course Montreal. He will become the first ringmaster to mix hip hop into a circus act. His role is to change the way people think about the circus and hip hop. The Ringmaster will be the name of Mr. Bolly’s new EP. There will be six tracks. The first single, called We Came to Party, is now out and features the voice of singer Chhaya. It is available on iTunes and all other online music stores via Distribution Select,

VEGAN LIPSTICK: Today the mother and daughter team of Donna Seidman and Carly Paige Salzman will officially launch a chic new vegan lipstick brand called CADŌ. This product is being promoted as something which will provide the gift of beauty for women who are as concerned with the health of the planet as they are with the health of their skin. Mom and daughter wondered why there were so few high quality cosmetic products that incorporated all the elements of what they believe a modern make-up line should have. So they set out to create a line of lipsticks with top-of-the-line texture and quality but without all the chemicals and additives that concerned them. With Donna’s experience managing small businesses and Carly’s expertise as a professional make-up and transformation artist who has spent countless hours on big-budget movie sets, Donna & Carly Cosmetics Inc. was born. Their brand is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, gluten-free and sustainably-sourced. Together, they are prepared to fill the gap in the Canadian market for vegan and completely cruelty-free cosmetics, as well as satisfy their shared interest in making the world a more beautiful place without hurting it in the process.

The company was literally started in the kitchen of Donna’s DDO home. For Donna, who counts a horse and two dogs as among her great loves, being cruelty-free was a must. Info:

MARCHAND THE AUTHOR: French-language broadcaster and Lachine resident Charles Andre Marchand has become a first-time author. He recently launched volume one of Les Funérailles des Dieux. This is a story set in the late 1880’s and tells the tale of a Young Polish Catholic Aristocrat and her closest friend, a Young Hungarian Jewish girl born from modest descent. Together they face the early 20th century, the atrocities of the wars that will follow and the aftermath. For the past 10 years Marchand has served as my co-emcee for the annual Cummings Centre Sports Celebrity Breakfast. “This event allowed me to discover some aspects of the Montreal Jewish community that had escaped me, although I grew close to the community, being from NDG,” he said. “I am thankful for that for some unforgettable meetings with people who were victims of the Holocaust. Without the Cummings Centre, that would have been impossible. These fabulous individuals have filled hundreds of pages of my personal notebooks. All this to say that it all contributed to my work as a novelist.”

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