Andy Rubal

Andy Rubal

El Pilón de Amélie is a song about the famous movie character Amélie Poulain, who goes to Cuba and learns how to dance the traditional rhythm “pilón” and then doesn’t want to go back to Paris.

With this energetic track, Andy Rubal proves once more that he dominates the fusion of Cuban music with international storytelling. The song makes folks want to dance our way to the Caribbean island and never come back! The Cuban artist got inspired by the music of Yann Tiersen and decided to mix it up with the traditional rhythm of Santiago de Cuba (his homeland), paying tribute to pioneers such as Pacho Alonso y los Bocucos and bringing us back into the fabulous world of Amélie Poulain.

This up-and-coming artist signed in Cuba with label EGREM since 2016 (Buena Vista Social Club, Eliades Ochoa, Los Van Van) and now signed in Canada and worldwide with the production company and music label MoonSun Musik, is bursting with talent and has accompanied Latin music greats like Raul Paz in Martinique, France, Dominican Republic as well as Orlando “Maraca” Valle whom he toured with in France, Russia, USA, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Switzerland and Bulgaria. In Canada, he shared the stage with Miguel Ángel de Armas and Boogát amongst others.

Now considering Montreal as his new home base since 2016, Rubal is set to spread joy at every turn with the power of his rich musical heritage and the cultural infusion of his new land of adoption.

You can see Rubal perform at the House of Jazz Laval Dec.1 and 15.

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