El-Helou Dranias

Councillor Sandra El-Helou and Ted Dranias

The very dynamic Sandra El-Helou, Laval city councillor for District 12 Souvenir-Labelle, stepped up recently to serve 100 hot meals to a local seniors home.

El-Helou partnered with the FILIA Association for Senior Citizens. The latter was launched over three decades ago to provide assistance to Greek women of the Park Extension Hellenic community and later throughout Montreal. Over the past few years it has done a lot of good work in Laval.

The meals were provided by Petros Taverna in Westmount and owner Ted Dranias. Since the start of the pandemic, Dranias has been feeding frontline workers and assisting charitable organizations like FILIA. He is an extraordinary gentleman, who owns other Petros locations in Outremont, Griffintown and Little Italy. Soon he will open a second Little Italy restaurant and Petros will even surface in Fort Lauderdale before long.

Peri Kalivrousis manages and co-owns the Laurier Avenue Petros location. He was born and raised in Chomedey and many of his regulars drive in from Laval to enjoy his cuisine.

Dranias was touched when El-Helou told him about the work she was doing as the city councillor responsible for the Status of Women and he wanted to help. Petros is known for its extraordinary Greek cuisine, from lamb chops to fresh fish, and the best dips you will find anywhere.

The seniors were thrilled to be treated to such delicious meals courtesy of Dranias and El-Helou.

“We are very proud that Ms. El-Helou’s work,” said Robert-Charles Longpré, a special advisor to the Mayor and the Executive Committee. “This inspires citizens to contribute in their own way to the help we are providing in this time of COVID.”

Noted El-Helou: “It is difficult to see the extremely difficult situation in which we are struggling, without taking action. It is with all my heart that I thank Petros Taverna and Ted Dranias for their generosity, their altruism and their philanthropy.”

Stéphane Boyer, city councillor for Duvernay Pont-Viau, also lent a helping hand to this event.

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