Beverly Kellner Dialysis

Beverly Novak Kellner in treatment at the JGH.

Ever since she was a child Beverly Novak Kellner has had trouble with her kidneys. But after going into Stage 5 Kidney Failure, she eventually needed to spend three days a week at the Jewish General Hospital for Dialysis while anxiously awaiting a donor.

There are many people suffering from the same plight as Beverly. She agreed to share her story for my column and in this video  Beverly credits her husband Murray, family members and Dr. Gershon Frisch for their extraordinary support. For 20 years she loved her job at a decorating store. She had to give it up when she began treatment.

Beverly was placed on the transplant list at McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Approximately 100 transplants are performed annually here and 700 patients with kidney transplants are managed in the outpatient clinic. Anyone interested in becoming a donor and helping someone like Beverly get her life back, call Jessica or Wedlyn at 514-934-1934 ext. 36003.

BOB DYLAN BASH: On Sat. Nov 27 at Club Soda, Billy Bob Productions will present a Bob Dylan Birthday Bash. Dylan turned 80 last May. Well over 30 Montreal-area musicians, most of whom have gone a year and a half between live gigs, will dig deep into the Dylan songbook to cover every musical genre that Dylan has tapped into – including folk, country, blues, rock, gospel, punk and pop. Among those scheduled to perform are Chaim Tannebaum and Joel Zifkin. Along with legendary Montreal sports talk show host Mitch Melnick from TSN 690 and Billy Bob, they joined me for my latest edition of Cohen in the City on Suburban On Air to discuss the concert and Bob Dylan. Billy Bob was the nickname of my former Wagar High School classmate Andrew Besner, who passed away a few years ago. Melnick, lawyer Lloyd Fischler and businessman Gary Silverman are partners in this concert promotion outfit. Watch the video and find out if Mitch ever met Dylan.

LIGHTING UP THE BIG OWE: Thanks to the efforts of Myra’s Kids Foundation, for the first time ever the Olympic Stadium will light up in blue to recognize Children’s Grief Awareness Day on Thurs. Nov. 18. This is Children’s Grief Awareness Month in North America and over 15 major Canadian monuments and landmarks, such as the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and now the Big Owe, will shine blue, the color associated with childhood grief, to recognize the occasion. Myra’s Kids Foundation’s Clinical Director Corrie Sirota said: “It is our hope that lighting up the stadium will serve as a reminder that it’s okay to talk about death and illuminate the topic so that it is put on the community’s agenda.” A team of Myra’s Kids Foundation volunteers, dressed in blue, will be streaming live on Facebook from 7 pm to 8 pm.

COHEN CHATTER: Former Quebec Liberal MNA, Yolande James, now Radio-Canada’s Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion, last week announced the appointment of Lilly Nguyen as Director, Culture and External Engagement. Most recently, she was Global Communications Director with the security services company GardaWorld, where her responsibilities included public affairs, reputation management and corporate social responsibility. In her new role she will promote inclusion and drive changes to Radio-Canada’s internal culture while also building relationships with communities and industry players… The IRCM 12th Challenge edition took place from Oct. 9 to 24. More than 320 participants came together in minds and spirits to take up a sporting challenge in support of health research. Alone or in teams, they created their own itineraries, and together they raised more than $ 180,000 to fund research scholarships for the Montreal Research Institute’s students.

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