Danny Caci

Danny Caci and his handy sanitzer.

It is abundantly clear that hand sanitizing stations in public places will be part of our lives for many years to come. Although vaccination campaigns have begun for COVID-19, the world has woken-up to the importance of hand sanitizing in preventing the spread of infections.

Companies like RSC Mobile on Blvd. de la Concord East in Laval have determined that the locally designed and manufactured Uniart hand sanitizer dispenser is the way of the future. It is specifically designed for high-traffic spaces, such as airports, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, medical institutions, restaurants, and social venues, which receive lots of foot (and hand!) traffic every day.

“I purchased it less than a year ago,” said RSC Mobile owner Danny Caci. “I saw it on Instagram and was hooked right away, as I am a gadget guy who loves the newest tech. I’ve been nothing but satisfied with the unit. It performs just like the guys said it would. Most importantly I’m following Heath Canada’s guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. What got me interested in it versus the basic plastic hand sanitizer units is its very unique design and stainless steel shell. The unit is light weight and easy to relocate when I have to charge it, as there is no power outlet near my entrance door. Believe it or not it’s also a great conversation piece in my office. Many of my clients have asked where I purchased it and I gave them Uniart’s info. I believe soon enough these units should be offered at Brault et Martineau as an essential home/business appliance -maybe even Costco.”

RSC Mobile is a telecommunication firm that optimizes in wireless communication savings. “We are basically telecom brokers,” said Caci. “We find companies the best plan with the three big telecom providers while not compromising there habits. Our service is free unless you save a minimum of 10 percent on your monthly. Our service has been a great success over the years because of great results and word of mouth.”

Uniart founder Alex Gublit stated: “At the start of the pandemic we noticed that existing systems were constantly breaking down and emptying due to the high traffic of people. And plastic dispensers with proprietary cartridges are designed to hook up customers to their brand, making their product expensive, and in the spring cartridges were unavailable for months due to international shipping delays.”

What truly sets the Uniart apart from the competition is its reliability and efficiency: its rapid and precise mist system dispenses an optimal amount of sanitizer every time and will provide up to 8000 uses before it needs to be refilled. This not only saves customers a significant amount of time while entering or exiting premises, but it also saves a lot of money in sanitizing product, not to mention, the hassle of frequently replacing the sanitizing liquid.

Uniart requires minimal maintenance, and simply works non-stop in the most demanding traffic environments without outages, breaking and in full autonomy. One battery charge can provide up to 3 months of operation (or over 200 000 uses) thus forever eliminating disposable batteries and hours of employee maintenance.

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