GIta Miller

Gita Miller

For former NDG resident Gita Miller, performing in a new searingly powerful short film called Things We Feel But Do Not Say was indeed a challenge. Let’s start with the fact that she does not utter one word of dialogue until the closing scene of the 10 minute movie. See my chat with her on our video page.

An alumnus of Montreal’s Dawson Professional Theatre and Black Theatre Workshop Artist Mentorship Program, Miller portrays Genevieve, a young woman first shown at a swim club where she makes a discovery that renders her literally speechless: her second miscarriage. The anguish she experiences is communicated entirely by her expressions and defeated physicality. It is a full-on emotive acting exercise. The script is based on director Lauren Grant’s exact experience.

“I was really drawn to the role because I knew I would not have lines,” Miller told me over a Zoom call last week. “Losing a child is so difficult. I spoke to Lauren a lot about and did my own experience.”

Aaron Ashmore stars as Genevieve’s understanding husband. Ashmore played Uncle Duncan on the first season of Netflix’s Locke and Key. You can see a short interview with Miller on our video channel. The film will be coming to Quebec, I am told, in due time.

A graduate of the 2019 CFC Actors Conservatory Program, Miller’s acting credits include Nurses, Workin’ Moms, On The Basis of Sex, The Bold Type and Fixation. In addition to her work onscreen, she was awarded the Montreal English Theatre Award (META) for Outstanding Supporting Performance- Actress for her breakout role in the Centaur Theatre hit, Successions.

HOPE FOR DEMENTIA: Montreal-based Hope for Dementia has published a framework to bend the significant growth in dementia cases that has been forecasted by various organizations. Its recommended approach augments the government of Quebec and Canada’s current dementia strategy through the delivery of services and investments in research that focus on prevention, symptom deceleration and symptom reversal. “Pre-pandemic estimates indicated that the number of persons living with dementia will nearly double within a decade,” said President Parsa Famili. “The World Health Organization also sounded the alarm recently about the fact that the pandemic is aggravating this issue. This trend is simply economically unsustainable and requires immediate attention. Increasing investments in research and services to prevent and reduce risks provides reasonable hope for dementia growth trends to be reversed. That is why the framework we are proposing should be adopted and put in place by 2025 to help bend the curve.”

Plans also call for petitioning the federal government and provincial health authorities to issue biennial mandatory dementia screening reminders to persons over 50. Hope for Dementia has onboarded a cadre of concerned citizens and business leaders to support the promotion of dementia prevention as a national health care priority and the implementation of recommended services. The team will also act as advisors bringing a wide range of expertise such as research, health care delivery and public policy to name a few.

FAMILY LAW: It was wonderful interviewing actress Jewel Staite, the star of Global TV’s Family Law. You can see our talk on my Cohen in the City Show for Suburban On Air. The segment caught the eye of Côte Saint-Luc’s Ellie Presner, who in her day was a script and continuity consultant for local films. She recalled Jewel as a child actress here in Montreal many years ago filming the show Space Cases. “Jewel played Catalina, one of the stranded kids on a spaceship,” Ellie recalls. “She was so cute and still is! I love Family Law too, great show, and Jewel is wonderful in it!”

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