Mike Cohen

Cohen Chatter

Check in with our city columnist to hear more about newsmakers in our community, as well as celebrity sightings, rumours and gossip.

Jennifer Cox

My Jenn-Eration

A wife, a mother, a homeowner and a homemaker, Jennifer Cox is also a fabulous writer who might just be the next Martha Stewart.

Joel Goldenberg

Retro Roundup

A Suburban journalist for more than a quarter century, Joel Goldenberg is also an avid fan of the music of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s — and he loves to write about it.

Frank Kermit


A Relationship and Dating Coach in private practice, Frank Kermit offers tips to singles, couples as well as the match making industry.

Paula Lorimer

Notes from the Couch

A psychologist and the founder of a local mind-body centre that promotes health and wellness, Paula Lorimer is passionate about helping individuals gain a better understanding of themselves.

Gregory Lynch

Environmental Matters

The environment is increasingly in the news and Gregory Lynch has the background and experience to clearly explain the issues.

Benard Mendelman

Write Where I Belong

Bernard Mendelman grew up on St. Urbain Street, attended Baron Byng High School, saw the Royals play baseball at Delorimier Downs and still loves to talk about it with wit and humour.

Jennifer Lynn Walker

Ask your real estate broker

Jennifer Lynn Walker specializes in buying and selling residential and multiplex properties since 2003. She has built a strong team of industry experts, which gives her clients a seamless service. Founder of Montreal Real Estate Investor’s Group with 1,250+ members and Jolly Green Homes, devoted to helping you build an eco-friendly life. For more about Jenn and real estate resources, visit her online at: www.montreal-realestate.ca

Elaine Sanders

Gardens and Landscapes

Landscape and garden consultant Elaine Sanders offers clear and well-written coaching and design tips to gardeners, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike

Dr. Mitch Shulman

Public Health

As CJAD AM 800’s medical consultant, Dr. Mitch Shulman has developed a large following of listeners and now readers who trust his down-to earth and extremely informative medical advice.

Tracy Satov

Food for Thought

A Registered Dietitian with experience with all types of clients, Tracy has created with her columns a unique and innovative way of helping people achieve their dietary goals

Suzanne Reisler Litwin

Living in the Now

A writer and educator with a keen eye and a quirky sense of humour, Suzanne observes and comments on just about everything

Judie Amyot

Pet Tails

Judie Amyot, the proud Mom of two adult children and an adorable rescue poodle, is a long-time volunteer with Animatch, a non-profit dog adoption service. Her love of animals is evident in all of her columns.

Marc Lalonde

The Dad Files

After many years at the helm of the West Island Chronicle, this married father to two very active kids aged six and 10 loves to share what it’s like to be a proud and very active parent.

Reisa Khalifa

Family Matters

Reisa Khalifa is a family law attorney in the Montreal area who can be reached at 514-223-8854. Her columns provide general information and are not to be construed as legal advice.

Judie Amyot

Life's Like That

Bernard Mendelman

In The Driver's Seat