Now that 2018 has come and gone, there is much chatter as to what fashion was the trendiest, which paint colour was the most popular and what new foods were the healthiest. There are also reams of statistics revealing the annual murder rate, which stores went bankrupt and how many orange cones covered the streets of Montreal. We also pay very close attention to the names parents pick for their newborns to see if John is gone and replaced by Abercrombie or Fitch.

Since we all love to name our pets and the cuter the name, the better, let’s see which dog names made the top of the list for 2018 in Canada. Some of the old standby’s like Rover and Fido just don’t cut it anymore and it looks like my Donny didn’t make the cut either — but perhaps that’s because it’s just too close to Donald.

Male dog names

1. Charlie; 2. Max; 3. Cooper ; 4. Milo; 5. Buddy; 6. Tucker; 7. Jack; 8. Winston; 9. Leo; 10. Rocky.

Female dog names

1. Bella; 2. Luna; 3. Daisy; 4. Lucy; 5. Molly; 6. Lola; 7. Stella; 8. Bailey; 9. Sadie; 10. Maggie.

Sports related dog names increased by 22 per cent in 2018. NHL names leading the pack are Guy, Miro, Maple (gotta love those Leafs), Jeremy, Auston and Marleau.

Top NBA names include Bruno, Fred, Lucas, Miles and Miller. If you’re a Blue Jays fan: Luke, Darwin, Kevin, Barney and Marco.

The Windsors in Great Britain had a big year and Canadian pet owners had a penchant for the following top royal dog names: Sophie, George, Prince, Harry and Charlotte.

Three out of four pet parents picked their dogs’ names after meeting them so they could choose one that fit their personality. Thirty-eight percent of dog owners chose to change their dog’s name from the one given by the shelter or previous owner and 81per cent gave their dog a nickname — sometimes more than three.

Some fun statistics on how we chose our dogs’ names in 2018

  • 12 per cent were named after a food or beverage (Sit, Burrito!)
  • 5 per cent were named after a city or geographic location
  • 12 per cent were named after a plant, animal or nature
  • 12 per cent were named after a famous or historical person (please, not Donald)
  • 33 per cent were named after a character from a TV show, video game, movie or book (Mork?)
  • 10 per cent were named after someone they know (roll over, Uncle Jim)
  • 4 per cent were named after a brand (let’s go for a walk, Butterball)

Other fun dog naming facts

  • People with toy-sized dogs are most likely to name their dogs after someone they know.
  • More than a third of pet parents have met a dog who shares their human name and 12 per cent have had it happen to them multiple times! Thankfully, I have never met a four-legged Judie!
  • Men and women are equally likely to meet a dog who shares their name.
  • Millennial pet parents are more likely to meet a dog who shares their name.

I imagine a good number of these names and statistics will carry on into 2019 and it will be interesting to see what transpires by the end of the year. Considering how we now live in a world with fake news where up is now down and square is now round, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this upheaval carry over into pet naming. So don’t be surprised if you meet a Bulldog named Fluffy or Miss Mew, a Poodle named Terminator or a teacup Yorkie named Crankshaft. In today’s world anything goes and if you say something ridiculous often enough, it begins to sound normal.

Still, a name is just a name; a matter of personal choice and what really matters is how you care for your canine companion. Love trumps all!

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