Jennifer Lynn Walker: Revive your exterior and sell your property faster

One of the most important steps in getting your home ready for sale is often the most overlooked. People can spend so much time and money on the kitchen and bathrooms, they forget about the exterior of the house.

Remember, your goal is to sell the property as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The better your property looks from the curb, the more you’ll attract buyers and the likelier you’ll be to sell your property faster.

To help you get started, here is a general list of what to assess when deciding how to spruce up the exterior of your building. This list does not replace a professional building inspection.


When people see areas of disrepair, they begin to wonder whether there may be other unseen problems. Even having a piece of tape on a light switch will make a buyer wonder if there are electrical issues. Repairing as many problem areas as possible will give the buyer confidence in their purchase and help mitigate potential renegotiations after an inspection.

Curb Appeal

The first point of contact for buyers or brokers searching on behalf of buyers is the exterior photographs on the internet or in the newspaper. And many prospective buyers do a drive-by to see if a visit is worth their time. Your building should entice them to book one.

Here’s how to achieve great curb appeal:

  • Repair any foundation cracks or cracks found in concrete steps or walkways.
  • Clean all windows, repair sill cracks, and repair screens if necessary.
  • Clean up any debris around the building and hose down the steps and front door area.
  • Replace any burnt light bulbs.
  • Replace any broken drain covers.
  • Check that the caulking on all windows and doors is in good condition.
  • Weed the driveway, fix cracks, and paint a layer of black asphalt sealant or if it’s stone, make sure there are no broken areas.
  • Mow the grass and trim around the hedges, fences etc.

Ask any home stager, real estate broker, or other professional in the field and they’ll tell you that curb appeal and attention to those small repairs make an impact on prospective buyers. It will give you that competitive edge and ultimately help you fetch top dollar.

Jennifer Lynn Walker specializes in buying and selling residential and multiplex properties since 2003. She has built a strong team of industry experts, which gives her clients a seamless service. Founder of Montreal Real Estate Investor’s Group with 1,250+ members and Jolly Green Homes, devoted to helping you build an eco-friendly life. For more about Jenn and real estate resources, visit her online at:


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