Frank Kermit: Thank you holiday workers

We should take a moment to think about all the people who work the holidays and just be thankful.

The holidays tend to conger up picturesque images of people gathering together, leaving no one out or left behind. At the best of times, this can be true for a number of families. However, each year there are families that are incomplete at gatherings because while some people get the time off from work or duty, there are others that are required to keep at it during the holidays in order to keep the systems running for the rest of us.

So at this time, I want to publicly reach out to the number of people that do not get time off for the holidays to be with their families and friends. No words can truly acknowledge their sacrifices, but if enough people who are off can take just a moment to remember those who work so that others do not have to, it can make your own holiday just that much more to appreciate.

Take a moment to think about all the people who keep us safe. From military personal, to police officers, fire fighters, the coast guard, all the way to the security guards putting in 12-hour shifts overnight, as well as the doctors, nurses, paramedics and other hospital staff that allow for the rest of us to have a little merriment.

Take a moment to think about all the people that keep our systems running, like the people who keep our water and sewage systems in check, electricity and other support technicians, call centre workers, gas station attendants, social workers, care caregivers, home care workers, public transportation drivers and staff, tow truck drivers and dispatchers, taxi drivers, animal rescue and guardians, news related personnel, the transport drivers whose deliveries of goods we all depend on, and the many other people taken for granted at this time of year.

Take a moment to think about all the people who work retail jobs, or in restaurants and hotels, hospitality and catering, and all service orientated industries, professional sport athletes and their support service teams, and entertainers, who work harder this time of year because more demand is put on them — with little-to-no thanks.

Take a moment to think about all the people who work suicide hotlines and other emotional support ventures, and those who volunteer to help people less fortunate who spend their time over the holidays with the lonely and the destitute.

Take a moment to think about all the people who work the holidays that I omitted from this list and thank them as well.

Take a moment, and just be thankful.

Frank Kermit, MA, CH, is a dating-and-relationship coach, certified trauma counsellor and certified hypnotherapist. He is an author, speaker, matchmaker and relationship columnist for, who appears regularly on Dr. Laurie Betito’s Passion on CJAD 800 AM, and other programs. Learn more at or call 514-680-3278.

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Great article!!! Thank you to all the people who help make the holidays and every day of the year special. Thank you to the amazing writer who makes us all think by getting straight to the point.

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