If you are looking for the best smoked meat in town, then I would suggest Moe’s. From the moment my husband and I entered the restaurant we were greeted by the manager Spiros, and we were seated and immediately offered something to drink. After looking over the menu, which offered anything your heart could desire such as filet mignon, seafood, pasta, burgers, we chose the smoked meat platters. We started with fried calamari that was delicious, especially accompanied by their savoury homemade marinara sauce. Then the smoked platters arrived and we could not believe how beautiful they were – an abundance of extremely lean, buttery soft meat, the most amazing coleslaw that we have ever eaten, and fresh hand-cut French fries. They were huge portions and could practically feed a family of four! We were completely stuffed but couldn’t resist dessert, especially when the owner, Johnny, came over to recommend the fried cheesecake and homemade chocolate cake. After eating those desserts, you felt like you were in heaven.

The service was amazing and we couldn’t ask for better – definitely five-star worthy.

The restaurant felt like home. Everything that you could think of was on that menu, including a large selection for kids. It’s amazing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at the take-out counter. It’s also great for an amazing dessert and coffee after a movie or show.

My husband and will definitely go back and try everything on that menu, and I will definitely stop by on my way home to pick up smoked meat to take home.

Moe's Bar & Grill

940 St. Jean


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