Everyone is looking for that quintessential burger, and you'll find that (and so much more) at Burger Town.

My business partner and I checked out this Dorval eatery and started off with a tall glass of iced tea, taking in the comfortable ambience while we perused their extensive menu. I ordered the Hot & Spicy Signature Burger with a side of onion rings and chipotle mayo, and my partner decided on the Smokey Jameson BBQ Burger with a side of sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo.

All of their signature burgers are served with either fries, house salad or coleslaw, so there's something for every type of burger lover. The burgers were cooked to perfection and my spicy one wasn't too overpowering, with just the right amount of kick. The side of onion rings was such a big portion that I could hardly finish it (however, since they were so tasty, I found a way!). My partner loved the tangy Jameson barbecue sauce on his burger and kept saying how great it was, and he said that the sweet potatoe fries added a nice touch to his meal. 

After our fantastic lunch we both indulged in a cappuccino, which was the perfect way to cap off our meal (and give us that little caffeine push to get us through the rest of our work day!).

The service was great, and with a few televisions in this resto, we were able to catch up on our sports highlights too.

We'll both be returning to Burger Town soon. I've just gotta try the poutine along with another one of their signature burgers, and my partner said he would like to try one of their submarines (which other patrons were noshing on - they looked amazing!). Weather permitting we would try sitting on the terrace next time as well. This is the perfect place for a casual business lunch, a great family-friendly meal, or a hangout to get together with friends.

Burger Town

445 Lakeshore Dr


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