Hey Daniela, noticed that you went to Ecuador in early October this year and, after our video conversation, I was inspired to share with you our experience in moving there and now calling it home…

Where do I start? Ok, how about why, where, and what made us choose Ecuador?

Most people can find Ecuador on a map (hint: it’s in South America and situated right on the equator – hence the name). However, most people don’t know WHAT Ecuador is.

Ecuador is on almost all the "Top Ten" lists for best country to retire in. Why? Because Ecuador is one of the most affordable places to retire to, even with a modest income. To become a temporary or permanent resident, one must prove a monthly income of just $420 per person. In addition, the cost of living is approximately 1/3 of living in Canada for everything from housing, healthcare, groceries, to dining out (even when you consider that the currency is in US dollars).

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world (Galapagos Islands, tropical rain forest, snow-peaked volcanos – oh my!), and has a very pleasant climate year-round. There is something for everyone: hot and sunny on the coast, dry and cool in the Sierra, and humid in the rain forest. Since we've moved here on the coast in June 2021, we have experienced ''winter’’ in Ecuador at 24-25 degrees.

Ecuador is a Spanish-speaking country, and I strongly recommend that you learn it before coming to live here, which we didn’t really - except for the basics. But I can tell you that my 2 years of high school Spanish has come in very handy, and now we mostly rely on Duolingo and speaking to the locals for practice.

So, we planned, we researched, we explored, and then we built. We had our home built in 2018 in an enclosed retirement urbanization in southern Ecuador right on the beach (inhabited mostly by Canadians – we weren’t quite ready to completely "wing it" on our own). We sold everything (mostly we gave it away to our kids) and we moved here. For the past six months we have been settling in, taking care of a lot of administrative stuff from Canada and immigration stuff from here, and so we haven’t really begun to fully explore our new resident country. But that’s the whole point of retirement... we have the time now.

We have no regrets. We miss our kids like hell. We miss Costco, and Walmart, and Canadian Tire. We miss poutine and hot-dogs "steamed", and smoked meat. We don’t miss snow, and slush, and freezing rain. We don’t miss rush-hour, and long workdays, and short nights with not enough sleep.

And now, Ecuador is: home.

Thanks, Daniela for having us share our story!

Montreal Event Planner has become the go-to authority in the event planning business, not only because of its reputable success, but also because of the expertise and professionalism of owner Daniela Caputo, who combs the globe on a regular basis to find the best destinations for her clients (and our readers!).

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