Travelling during these uncertain times is truly a personal decision one makes based on their particular situation. Since my husband and I are both retired, have no health issues, and have had a positive travel experience by plane to BC and Alberta this past summer, we decided to get away from the cold, for two weeks in Mexico, at the beginning of December. Despite the travel advisories, I am a firm believer that YES you can still travel and be safe. So here is a wrap-up of our trip.

We booked an all-inclusive resort 20 minutes from Cancun Airport in the state of Quintana Roo, which borders the Caribbean Sea.

In Mexico, there are no travel restrictions, except upon entering and leaving, it was mandatory to fill out a form attesting that you have no Covid-19 related symptoms, and you must list your flight information, seat number, as well as your hotel information. 

Our hotel was located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. We opted for this location as we wanted to stay away from the crowds and party goers. Our hotel was operating at a 30% capacity, so during the entire two weeks we never felt that it was crowded wherever we went. This being said, not all the dining options were available during our stay as the hotel staff is also reduced. But the management did their best to please everyone, so different restaurants were open on different nights. During our two-week stay, there was only one dining option that remained closed throughout.

All standard sanitary measures were implemented at the hotel and the majority of guests were very respectful. At the buffet nothing is self-serve and at every dining location, all the utensils are packaged in a sealed plastic bag. The resort had a very powerful Wi-fi throughout, even on the beach, so this is great for people who have to get some work done regardless of their destination.

My husband and I had made the decision to stay on the resort and not book any excursions which would put us in contact with other people, thus limiting the chances of contamination.

We did, however, take long walks on the beach and ended up making the 4.5kms trek to the neighbouring small fishing village of Puerto Morelos. We walked along the boardwalk located in front of the main square, between the 2 piers and the leaning lighthouse, a local landmark of Puerto Morelos. I will leave it here for now and will continue sharing this great experience next week…

Dora Paventi, retired & enjoying life travelling the world…

Also, for all the videos on this destination visit the youtube channel @Les Escapades de Dora et Alain.

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I had the chance to go to Cancun and area for a few days by myself (I'm 38) last year at this time, just a bit more than one month before the start of the pandemic!

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