Montréal is the largest city in the province of Québec. It is on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and is named after Mount Royal. It has many boroughs or regions, many of which are neighbourhoods representing our wonderful multi-culturalism (it’s almost like travelling the world within our city limits). This is why it is the one of the great places to learn and practice French. Travellers need not be afraid to come visit - we do speak English here too (we actually are quite a bilingual bunch, or maybe I should say a tri/quad-lingual bunch… but I digress).

Here is a unique virtual tour.

We are also known for our iconic foods. Whether you’re from Montreal or visiting, there are certain things that you find in Montreal and only in Montreal (no matter how many other Canadian and American cities claim they are the BEST at these things, do not be fooled - WE started it all and these dishes are uniquely our own PERIOD. The rest are wannabe copycats!). Here are some must-eats:

- Bagels: Fairmount bagels. In my opinion, the superior bagel.

- Smoked meat:… Lesters. No, NOT pastrami (that is not smoked meat).

- Orange Julep: Montreal’s drive-in hamburger joint.

- Le “Steamé”: The classic steamed hot dog with all the toppings.

- Wilensky’s: The "Special" - OMG, I cannot explain it. You just have to eat it.

- Poutine: No matter how they try to copy this, we are THE BEST to make it.

- Foie Gras Poutine: Good God in heaven – that is all I have to say!

- Pâté Chinois: Montrealers transformed this comfort food into their own.

- Dic Ann’s burger: Now that is a HAMBURGER!!!

- Foie Gras: DECADENT... period.

Here is a another great virtual tour, or check out this tour of Montreal.

You will see we have, well, "je ne sais quoi" and "la joie de vivre"!

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