Hi everyone! I just wanted to talk a little bit about Mississauga, Ontario.

Like everyone (I think) I took the area for granted, thinking it’s just another area in suburbia Toronto.

Well, what a surprise that was. Allow me to explain: A few weeks back, I was attending an industry conference and decided not to stay in the downtown core of Toronto but to spend some time in the neighbouring spot of Mississauga. It was a little cheaper and we had our car to drive into town. So, we stayed at the Waterside Inn for the long weekend and, well, what a surprise: We landed on a prime waterfront spot and guys OMG, it was WOWZERS! It was so pretty and picturesque there, with all these touristy landmarks:

  • Port Credit Lighthouse
  • Mary Fix Creek
  • Snug Harbor Seafood & Bar
  • Port Credit Memorial Park
  • Waterfront Trail (walking and cycling)
  • The Marina

If you walk toward Lakeshore Road one finds themselves immersed in an assortment of bistros, cafes, and crafty boutiques along with wonderful bars, to name a few (and to think that only 20 minutes away is the downtown core of Toronto - who knew?!). Off we went to explore the area with the option of renting bikes and/or walking to explore kilometers and kilometers of cycling trails and hiking paths. JUST wow!!  

You may say Daniela, why are you so shocked about this? Well, simply because of all the times I went to Toronto, it never occurred to me that there was a waterfront option as pretty as this. Basically, to put it into perspective, it's very similar to our Lachine Canal here in Montreal.  

The few days there we took advantage and picnicked along the water and strolled the paths.

Another thing to share is if you drive along the lakeshore heading towards the downtown area, you'll discover not only a scenic route but other parks along the way.

In conclusion, it was a fantastic discovery for me and thought I'd share.

Until next time – stay safe my travel mongers…

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I can understand this was a pleasant surprise for you but I can assure you there is no way I am going to Mississauga for a holiday, lakeshore or no lakeshore.

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