So, last week, I shared our travels in Barcelona and the south of France.

We left off heading to Milan. Once there we stayed in Milan’s historical and geographical city center for one night before heading off to Lago di Como for a week. We were within walking distance from the Piazza del Duomo and the Brera Art academy. The Piazza del Duomo is a display of opulence and of the great wealth in Milan. You walk the streets and saw custom cars, and designer fashion everywhere we looked.

Virtual link viewing Milano.

Virtual link viewing Brera Art Academy.

One part of Milan that we enjoyed was the Brera art academy, where we walked the halls and peaked into classrooms, watching students create all different forms of artwork. The academy had old marble statues which adorned the halls, and a beautiful botanical garden that we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon exploring. The “Orto Botanico di Brera” is a tranquil place to experience nature in the middle of the city. In Milan, we enjoyed a great Neapolitan pizza at a restaurant chain called Rosso Pomodoro. It was a piece of Naples and Amalfi in northern Italy.

Virtual link viewing Brera Hidden Gardens (in Italian with English subtitles).

We then were off to Lake Como. Where we stayed in a villa. When we arrived, we could not drive our rental car up to the villa. So, Moses, he is the person in charge of this villa, came to our rescue… We ended up parking at the base of the town and in embarked in a tiny Fiat Punto. The road up to the villa was a narrow foot path made of cobblestone. We giggled like school kids on the drive up and down, making sure to keep our elbows inside the car for fear of scrapping them against the wall on the drive. The regular roads between towns in Lake Como are narrow and at times are one lane wide. Somehow people just duck into driveways and the traffic seems to manage with the lack of driving space. We took a day trip to Bellagio, and enjoyed walking the town, and did a bit of shopping. Our villa had heart and soul, with a spectacular view. The town we stayed in was small enough to walk without getting lost. There were two restaurants in town, one only accessible by walking or Moses Fiat Punto. At this restaurant, our server was also our chef. We had one of the best home cooked meals of our trip, and the service was really special. The other restaurant was near the main road and had crowds. They both were wonderful, but that smaller restaurant felt like the chef had invited us into her home. An experience we both agreed was perfection. Walking back to our villa, we heard goats crunching on bushes and then some wild boars running through the forested area below. We both agreed we could have stayed longer and felt like Moses and his wife made us feel so at home, that we felt extremely comfortable there.

Virtual link viewing Lago di Cuomo.

Once again that is all for now Daniela. Loving to share our travel adventures and pictures with you and you Travel-Monger readers? Hope these virtually visits at these beautiful locations are giving them, and you a mini travel fix through our eyes. Until next week.

Your travel buddy,

Patricia Micheletti

P.S. Next week’s adventures will be all about Venezia. Ciao Ciao a presto!!

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