There’s always been a formidable glamour factor surrounding Cuernavaca. It’s the capital of the Morelos state. With its vast, gated haciendas and sprawling estates, it has traditionally attracted high-society visitors (and locals) year-round for its warmth, clean air and attractive architecture.

I’m told that it’s the weekend getaway for the local Mexicanos from nearby Mexico City. (like Tremblant or Eater townships is for us Montrealers) Be aware, it is a 2 hour drive from Mexico City and now you’re more likely to see vacationing North Americans and college students studying Spanish on month-long courses.

Cuernavaca is extremely LUSH and is in the capital of Mexico’s Morelos state, cradled by the Tepozteco Mountains south of Mexico City;

Cuernavaca, Morelos, is also known as “The City of the Eternal Spring”.

Tepoztlán, Morelos, also known for being a spiritual center with energy and mysticism.

This colonial city center features the 16th-century Palace of Cortés, former home of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés (MUST MUST see) and is now a history museum with murals by Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

I went there in search of unique sites for my incentive clients (something I am always on the hunt for). Well, when I arrived, I was floored to find out that these were not only spectacular locations but incredibly mystical and spiritual places. I did not expect these wonderful discoveries; I mean the Haciendas alone where breathtaking. Really, you should see these properties, OMG, they were so enveloping with lushness that one WANTS to get lost in them. I’m telling you: the natural beauty took my breath away. Make no mistake: we were nowhere near the ocean. However, the intense Zen-ness and spiritual energy will overwhelm you. Imagine my surprise when suddenly found myself succumbing to this energy it automatically re-aligned my mind, body, and soul. This renewed clarity was overwhelming sublime.

  - Hotel SPA Hacienda des Cortes:

  - Hostal de la Luz - Spa Holistic Resort:

  - Mision del Sol:

  - Hacienda Vista Hermosa:

The mysticism spirituality and enlightenment I felt there was overwhelming. I was "warned" this would happen once I get there and it REALLY TRULY did. WOW...

Please, understand, I’ve been to many other places in Mexico and discovered many wonderful gems... but this was life-changing and BOY, was it magical.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this paraíso. What a privilege the universe gave me: MUCHOS GRACIAS.

Note: As I revisit this with you, I still can’t shake how profoundly moved I was. So, if you, a group, or someone you know is seeking a place of tranquility where they want to reconnect with their mind, body, and soul, have them call me. I will gladly oblige... I might even join them! Ouff, I WANT to go BACK now!

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