Let’s continue our virtual journey to the Canadian West Coast! This part of Canada has a super-cool vibe that one HAS to experience. I have checked out a number of awesome spots and these are a few of my favourites.

Vancouver, BC

How awesome art thou! This entire place has an AWESOME vibe… so much so that my husband wants to move there, like, NOW. It has grown to be a very important business hub in Canada. However, more importantly, it is a haven for foodies and coffee-lovers, hipsters. adventurers and explorers alike. You cannot go there and NOT fall in love with Vancouver. You will find so much diversity that one cannot get bored there: there are beaches, parks, nature and hiking, walking and cycling trails, water and winter sports, and that is just the start.

Here is a link for a quick virtual tour.

Victoria, BC

Pardon the pun (not) but it’s true: Victoria is very Victorian! It’s the capital of the province and when you arrive you really feel regal. You feel like you’ve stepped back in time a little bit. You see and feel the history, and it’s a great place to fall in love again.

Here is a link for a quick virtual tour.

Whistler, BC

I have one word for Whistler: EPICALLY SPECTACULAR!! (ok ok, two words). The peak-to-peak gondola rides, trekking and ziplining simultaneously through those ginormous mountains, it is just an outdoor haven. Whistler-Blackcomb is sooo special!! Why? Well, simply put: it ROCKS (pun totally intended). Whistler has TONS of places to ski, snowboard, and, of course, eat. You will even find things to do off the hill. It is important to plan ahead for special tours – for instance, the “Fresh Tracks Mountain-Top Breakfast” experience (it is open to a limited number of people very early at around 7:15am). Also, it’s easy to access: just fly into Vancouver and drive two hours up to Whistler or take the shuttle from the airport or downtown Vancouver. Whistler and Blackcomb – two side-by-side mountains accessed from the same village and linked with a peak-to-peak gondola, is a MUST do. The views are SUBLIME. It offers more than 8,000 acres of terrain, with marked runs and easy access to lifts. Do not forget to visit the Olympic medal stand, plus snowmobiling, sleigh rides, tubing, heli-skiing, dogsledding, ziplining, cross-country skiing, cat skiing, ice skating, backcountry tours... get the picture? Again, the word you’re looking for is MAJESTIC.

Here is a link for a quick virtual tour.

Ahh my travel mongers, I’ll see you next week and we’ll visit the neighbouring province of Alberta, also known as cowboy country (Canadian-style). See you then...

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