The most popular tourist spots in the Middle East are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are great places to visit. But why not get away from all the touristy hoopla and experience a more low-key, local vibe. Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Contrary to popular belief, Qatar is not part of the United Arab Emirates, but forms part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Here is a wrap-up of my visit in Doha.

For a complete multi-cultural experience, Katare Cultural Village is the place to go. This is the ultimate center for art, theater, literature, music, visual art and exhibitions. Every building in the village has an impressive architecture. There is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater with a seating capacity of 5,000 people and the design is a mix of classic Greek and Islamic architecture. Another intriguing architectural design is the Pigeon Towers. These impressive towers provide housing for as many as 14,000 pigeons. They were designed to collect pigeon droppings, which were collected and transformed into fertilizer for local farms. You can also admire several public art installations, a planetarium, an opera house and a mosque.

From there, I was off to take in the sights along the Doha Waterfront Promenade, AKA, The Corniche, with its stunning unobstructed views of the Persian Gulf on one side and the impressive city skyline on the other. Also, it’s a great place to admire the yachts, many high-end shops, cafes and restaurants. 

No visit to the Middle East would be complete without a little shopping and dining at Souq Waqif. Here you can shop for local spices, honey, coffee and tea, gold jewellery, and very colorful fabrics and dresses, just to name a few. What was particular at this Souq, was that there was Falcon Hospital and a Falcon shop. The Falcon is the national bird of Qatar and in keeping with tradition and culture, to this day, falconry is enjoyed as a sport of hunting.

Another interesting visit near the Souq was the Camel pen. Right in the middle of the city center, you can get up close to observe and take pictures with camels!

Dora Paventi, retired & enjoying life travelling the world…

Also, for all the videos on this destination visit the youtube channel @Les Escapades de Dora et Alain.

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This trip was taken before the pandemic. These are the personal opinions of the writer - The Suburban does not endorse travel at this time.

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