The Québec government announced the launch of the strategic approach to business tourism.

On March 14th a press conference was held, hosted by the Quebec Government, announcing the launch of a strategic approach to business tourism in the Laval region. This is aimed to increasing tourism revenues generated by business and convention visitors. This approach is the first step towards a global strategy that will also be fuelled by ongoing consultations across our province of Quebec. It has been developed by the Ministry of Tourism (MTO) to allow regional tourism associations (ATR) who wish to consolidate their potential business tourist.

Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx made the announcement a few days ago. This will be a three-pronged initiative and will be conducted jointly with the Association of Professional Conference Professionals of Quebec (APCQ) and Tourisme Laval, who will also call on external professional service providers:

1: support to assess the potential of business tourism

2: support to establish the inventory of existing tools in order to develop this potential

3: Support for the implementation of services offered by MTO and its partners

To benefit from the professional resources linked to this support, ATRs will have to invest in the process. MTO will assume the costs associated with a professional resource that will coordinate the support process.

Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism:

"Business and convention tourism generates significant tourism revenue in certain regions of Quebec. We want to increase its contribution to help promote our destination internationally. This business will extend to the tourism season and increases ridership during the busiest periods. It is booming globally and has excellent growth prospects - we need to capitalize on it. As the situation of business tourism has already been discussed, it is with enthusiasm that I decide to take action and equip the tourism regions that wish to assess their potential and highlight their assets, so opportunities are created for business tourism.”

Steve Gagné, President of the APCQ:

"The Association of Quebec Convention Professionals, the only network specialized in promoting business tourism in Quebec, is pleased to support the Ministry of Tourism in implementing a three-pronged strategic approach. By matching the realities of the regions, the proposed support will undoubtedly be allowing them to increase the tourist receipts generated by our business visitors. "

Geneviève Roy, President and CEO of Tourisme Laval:

"Tourisme Laval has specialized in business tourism for over thirty years. Our solid expertise and established reputation in this sector of activity allow us today to coordinate and animate the strategic approach in business tourism, in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and the Association of Conference Professionals of Quebec. Business tourism is a powerful economic engine for a tourist destination. We hope that the tourist regions of Quebec will mobilize in large numbers around this approach, which aims to develop business tourism and to promote Quebec on foreign markets. "

Since the fall of 2017, MTO has been working with the Business and Convention Tourism Forum to put in place measures to support this business line. This forum brought together the ATRs of Montreal, Quebec City and the Outaouais as well as representatives of the Québec City Convention Center, the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the APCQ and the Quebec Hotel Association.

Business tourism makes a remarkable contribution to the development and consolidation of the tourism industry, an important economic driver in all regions. Statistics Canada data for this business line shows that in 2016:

1.5 million visitors outside Quebec generated tourism expenditures of $ 877 million and 5.1 million overnight stays;

Displacements of 7.6 million visitors to the intra-Québec market generated 4 million overnight stays and tourism expenditures of $ 962 million.

This is the most lucrative activity of all tourism segments:

A business tourist pays twice as much on average as a leisure tourist (entertainment, event organization, room rentals, etc.), and this must be considered. Business expenses in these two segments are proportionately equivalent.

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