The Business Of Business: How to make time to write

We all have busy lives because of work, extra curricular activities, or raising children and taking them to their extra curricular activities, so how do we mange out time efficiently enough to find time to write? Unfortunately, there's no easy answer, if there were, we'd all be writing right now instead of reading this post! However, I've put together some tips on how to make time to write, which are ones that I implement almost every day.

1. Commuting to work by bus/train.

If you commute to work and find yourself with some free time, even if it's only ten minutes, use that time to your advantage! You can brainstorm ideas, find music to inspire you, heck, you can even write your story on your cellphone! Search for places, information, or books that might help you with your own book (research, etc).

2. Arrive early to work.

Most of the time I get to work early enough to spare ten to fifteen minutes of writing or brainstorming. If you arrive early and find that you have some free time, why not use that time to write or brainstorm or search for things to inspire you?

3. Write as soon as you have some alone time.

Do you come home before your spouse/children? If yes, WRITE! Are your children young enough that they need naps? Write when they are asleep! Even if you only write for fifteen minutes or half an hour, every little bit counts and gets you further.

4. Write down new ideas before bed.

If you're like me, my head is always spinning with ideas for plot, characters, etc. I have trouble sleeping if my mind is too full, especially since I'm worried I'll forget them in the morning. I've learned to keep some paper and pens near my bed so I can write down ideas as they come to me. That way, I have a much better sleep, or if I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, I can write it down and go back to sleep. I also use paper and pen because using my cellphone makes it harder for me to sleep (even with the blue light filter on.

5. Too crowded/noisy at home?

Take your laptop, iPad, cellphone, paper, whatever you use and take it to a nearby park. I find that I'm inspired by the new smells and sounds, I'm also a lot calmer.

6. Get distracted with other things at home? For example: laundry, cleaning, etc?

Take your laptop, or whatever it is that you use, and go somewhere else. You can even go to a coffee shop.

7. Can't decide between going to the gym and writing? Why not do both?

I've been known to go to the gym and do my cardio while working on a story. I use my cellphone to write when I'm on the elliptical. If you can't do that, then just brainstorm some ideas for the next part of your story.

8. Set aside a certain time every day to write (even if it's only once a week).

The most important thing that I've learned about writing is this: if you want to write, you have to find time to write. I have three jobs, so I know how difficult it can be to write, but I make sure that I put aside some time to do just that, write. No one is allowed to bother me when my door is closed and I even turn my cellphone to silent so I can get work done. If you want something badly enough, you will find time to do it,

I hope these tips on how to make time to write is helpful for you and I wish you the best of luck with your writing!

Eren Wiebe is a blogger at sakuradaisuki, writer, editor, figure skater, amateur photographer, and mom to her fur baby, Piko.

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