Hurricane Isaias heads for south Florida

Updated 2PM forecast map for Isaias: The forecast track of Hurricane Isaias, will take the system from The Bahamas along the Florida coast this weekend, and eventually up the eastern seaboard towards New England. By Wednesday, some showers are possible in Montreal from the remains of the storm. At this time, the worst weather from Isaias should remain along the immediate coast.

Hurricane Isaias, the 9th tropical system of this record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season, is moving across the central Bahamas early Saturday morning. The storm is located 125 km south, southeast of Nassau, moving northwest at 19km/h. Winds in the hurricane are gusting over 140km/h.

Isaias is expected to maintain hurricane strength as the system approaches the south Florida coast late Saturday or early Sunday. At this time, the center is expected to remain slightly offshore, with the most intense weather perhaps remaining over the Atlantic. A hurricane warning is in effect for the Florida coast from Boca Raton to Volusia County. Winds of at least tropical storm force of 39mph (62km/h) are expected across much of eastern Florida later today. Even if the center remains offshore, heavy rainfall, in excess of 150mm is possible along the east coast of Florida through Sunday. A storm surge of up to 4 feet is also possible along the path of Isaias.

 All interests along the entire east coast as far north as New England are advised to monitor Isaias. The storm will likely impact the Carolina's by Tuesday. Evacuations have been ordered for Ocracoke Island along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which was devastated by Hurricane Dorion last September.

By Wednesday, a weakening Isaias should be providing some decent rainfall to southern and central New England and eventually Atlantic Canada. At this time, only a few showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder are expected for Montreal and the St. Lawrence Valley from Isaias.

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