Student Voices: The Power of Language

Why is it important to be bilingual? Now that is a good question. I think it’s important to know at least two languages. The more you know, the better. It can make you a more interesting candidate for a job. A doctor, lawyer or even social worker can be so much more helpful if they can communicate with more of the population. Knowing how to express yourself in more than one language can make enrich your travelling experiences as well. For example,  if you go to France, knowing French is an important factor. Even the simplest thing like being able to say hello to your taxi driver could not only make their day, but yours.  Even when you’re walking around, being able to read the signs in the main language of the city is helpful. At Akiva School, we are very fortunate to have our brand-new Language Lab which is where we get to explore the French language through technology. Not only does it make learning French easier, it makes it much more fun. 

Sarah Elman, Grade 6 Akiva Student 

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