Student Voices: How elementary school prepared me for high school and for life - Part 2

Two grade 6 Akiva School students share their thoughts on their most important lessons during their elementary school years and how they were prepared for future learning. 

My elementary school has provided me with a feeling of family, a belonging to a community and a strong identity. I have had the opportunity to learn and understand good values and Jewish traditions. In addition, I am fortunate to be graduating feeling comfortable to communicate in three languages.

The most important skills that we learn at Akiva are time management, organization and how to research. They have also given me the confidence to participate in causes that I believe in, such as: helping to feed needy families in the Montreal community, making a school-wide petition regarding the rights of Israel and, I even hosted a bake sale to raise money for children's camp tuitions.

In conclusion, I think that Akiva has prepared me for high school. My time in elementary school has set me on the right path. I will continue on it confidently; successfully journeying into a new environment.

Aiden Shlien, Akiva School Grade 6 student

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Should be getting prepared? I think primary school is fine. Why not? They have learned everything they need to. It is information research and another different way how to work with information. I think that it is one of the main skills now. Don’t you agree? Even essays. They can order an essay at edu birdie or anywhere, but if they can’t find the right resource they wouldn't succeed. So information is skills how to work with it – is our everything. Let’s focus o that.

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