Pet Talk: What you need to know about budgies

Budgies are social critters. They love attention, so if you're thinking about buying this type of bird, be prepared to have a new bestie.

It can take some time to get your budgie comfortable with his/her surroundings as well as the people who live there. Make sure you choose a spot for the bird's cage that isn't isolated - they like being around noise and action, so the main living room is best. Avoid the kitchen because of the different smells and smoke.

When you first get your budgie, take some time each day to talk to your bird. You can also open the cage door and place your hand in the opening to get him/her comfortable with human interaction.

Get them toys (they love anything that makes noise, such as a bell) and regularly rotate them and move them around. Mirrors are a budgie fave but can also cause them to get a bit more aggressive or stand-offish with its owners. The same is true if you have more than one budgie.

Birds regularly loose their feathers, and around busier times of molting (season changes), they can loose more than usual. It can be very uncomfortable for them, so put a small glass bowl of water in their cage or on top of their cage. They love to splish and splash, and it can help loosen their feathers so they can drop them more easily.

Give them a nice variety of food. Sure, they love their seed mixture and millet, but budgies can also eat fresh fruits and veggies like banana, apple, greens, and more.

Line the bottom of their cage with paper towel, not newspaper, as they might want to chew on the liner and if it has ink, it can be potentially hazardous to them.

And be sure to cover their cage at night with a light blanket. Check the material regularly to make sure your feathered friend isn't picking at any threads (which could possibly cause them to choke).

With time and patience, you'll see that budgies can be great companions. Just make sure you're ready for the constant chirping and chatter - they're not the quietest pets!

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