Pet Talk: Human-Animal Bond: Pet Photo Contest

Manoir Kanisha, in collaboration with The Suburban, is excited to announce their new Pet Photo Contest starting NOW! Show off that beautiful, unbreakable bond that exists between humans and their animal companions by posting a photo between May 17-July 12 and you could win one of three Manoir Kanisha gift certificates, valued at $150, $100 and $50, respectively. These certificates never expire and can be used for any Manoir Kanisha services – it’s the perfect gift to board, groom exercise and pamper your pets!

Manoir Kanisha wants to recognize the importance of the human/animal bond. Especially now, with the pandemic and forced social distancing, there are so many positive mental and physical health benefits of having pets: They ease our stress and anxiety by helping us to live in the present without worrying about the future, they help us maintain physical health by encouraging us to play with them, and they reduce our feelings of loneliness through physical contact and companionship. Everyone is looking for ways to lift up spirits, so spread the love and post a photo that shows what an impact pets can have in our lives.

Contest Requirements: This photo contest is open to all people and all pets, from young children to grandparents, from dogs and cats to rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, and more. Remember: Love is an abstract concept so it can be difficult to capture it in a photograph. How do you capture this emotion? How does it make you feel: to be greeted by your dog with such unconditional affection when you come home, or when you’re feeling sad and your bird jumps on your shoulder and cuddles your cheek? Only photos representing an emotional interaction between at least one pet and at least one human will be considered.

Check out past contests here, where you’ll find the winners and finalists of previous contests, the photographers’ comments as well as the comments of judges. Keep an eye on the Manoir Kanisha Facebook page for examples of the quality that’s being looked for in the winning photo as well as tips and tricks for taking the best shot.

Only one photo per participant will be judged so go to our Facebook page, find this contest announcement and post your pet's photo in the comments. Also, be sure to LIKE The Suburban Newspaper and Manoir Kanisha.

Contest ends at midnight on July 12th, and winners will be announced in The Suburban Newspaper and on Manoir Kanisha’s Facebook page.

Good Luck!

Melanie Baylis, Manoir Kanisha, Photo Contest Coordinator

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