Supermom In Training: Our kids are more adaptable than we are

If you were to tell us parents, three months ago, that our kids would be on lockdown with no school and no access to friends for weeks and weeks, we would have thought: no way. No way can our kids handle that. They'll go squirrely. They'll go nuts. They'll make us nuts.

Okay, well maybe they're making us a little nuts! But for the most part, you've got to admit: our kids have been pretty resilient to this whole thing. My bean is an only child, which is particularly isolating, and he's handled it amazingly well. 

Kids have adjusted to this "new normal" - there's lots of screentime, granted, but he's on FaceTime with his cousins and friends, and to me, the socializing is more important. He "social distance plays" with his cousin in a big parking lot behind our house... they stay apart and ride bikes or scooters. While my son has commented on missing his friends and doing things like going to the park, he also recently said, "I know everyone says being in quarantine is hard, but I don't think it's all that bad!"

But here I am, jonesing to peruse the mall and buy new summer clothes, wanting so badly to have a drink on a crowded terrasse downtown or invite all our friends over for a huge barbecue. I really miss the wonderful things we all look forward to in summertime. And I fear that it will still be awhile until we ever experience that "old normal" again.

Because I'm an adult, I am more aware of the realities of this whole pandemic. But I'm amazed how well our kids are doing with all this.

It's obvious they're doing better than the adults - look how crowded parks and beaches were this past weekend across Canada and beyond! We're sick of staying in, the government is gradually reopening things, and we're flocking together like nothing is going on. HANG IN THERE! The more we wait this out, the sooner it will all be over with.

Give your kids an extra squeeze today. They done good... 

A full-time work-from-home mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves dabbling in healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings, and more, sharing with readers everything she knows about being an (almost) superhero mommy.

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