Parenting 101: Spotlight on French children's lit

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to help our children develop their French language skills is through reading. Over the past couple of months however, I couldn’t help but notice an increase in parents reaching out for great French children’s books suggestions. Thanks to Scholastic Canada, I was able to roundup fantastic books written by Quebec authors.

La mouche dans l’aspirateur by Mélanie Watt- This is a cute book about a fly that finds itself moving through the five stages of grief when it’s sucked up by a vacuum. It’s recommended for ages 7 and up.

Dors bien petit chevalier by Gilles Tibo- A short read for beginner readers, this book tells the story of a star that falls into the little knight’s room at bedtime. The recommended age is 0-3, however it’s a fantastic book for a first and second grader to practice their reading.

Le petit chevalier qui combattait les monstres by Gilles Tibo- Another in the little knight series, this book is a fantastic story about how to deal with bullies. Recommended for ages 3-8, this book involves more reading than some of the others, but it’s clear and concise with a great hook that will have your child engaged from the first to last page.

Le pire livre du monde by Elise Gravel- As the title suggest, this is the worst book in the world, and quite possibly one of my favourite children’s books. The pages alternate between the worst book, and three characters that are stuck in the book, pointing out all the reasons why it’s so bad. Recommended for ages 3-8, this laugh out loud story will have your children going back to read it time and again.

Ollie: un livre sur la pleine conscience by Elise Gravel- A book about big emotions, Ollie is the story of that little voice inside our head that controls our emotions, and how we can help calm them down. Ollie is recommended for ages 4-9 and is a great addition to any library.

Les Timbrés: Numéro 1 Le navet spatial by Dom Pelletier- The first in a series, this graphic novel is a funny story about a group of kids who need to save their school janitor from an alien abduction. Recommended for ages 8 and up, Les Timbrés is a perfect book for children who are starting to read independently. Children who love reading graphic novels in English will enjoy reading this book as well.

Les colombes de neige by Nancy Hartry- This might seem like an odd addition to this roundup considering there are no words in the book. However, I think it’s great because it allows the children to make up their own dialogue to go with the images. If you are working on helping your child with their French, I recommend exploring this book while encouraging them to create the dialogue in French.

Meredith is a Disney obsessed stay-at-home mom. When she’s not planning a trip, you’ll find her with her nose in a book.

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