Parenting 101: 5 Outside-the-box date night ideas for parents

And now that things are starting to open up, I want to do and see it all, from a safe and social distance, of course. I don’t want to *just* go to a restaurant, I want to make a full evening out of this date night. I want to do a fun activity before supporting an amazing local restaurant that I haven’t been to in months.

So here are my top “interesting” date night ideas for parents in desperate need of some good, lighthearted fun, as well as romance!

1)    POP-UP ADULT MINI-GOLF: Have you heard the latest news? There will be an adults-only mini-putt popping up in Old Montreal for a short time only - The Smooth Putt. But wait, there’s more! It’s presented by none other than Grey Goose Vodka! That means that with each $21 ticket, you not only get 9-holes of date night fun, but you also get a personalized Grey Goose Vodka and soda. That sounds on par with what I consider to be an amazing date night activity! (sorry for the lame pun!) Grab your tickets as they are going fast!

2)    DINNER AND A MOVIE UNDER THE STARS: This idea sounds absolutely heavenly to me! A team of event production experts have created an open-air garden venue as the backdrop for an outdoor movie-going experience. Seated at a table, you and your date will enjoy table-service food and beverages while enjoying old-school, romantic classics such as Dirty Dancing and When Harry Met Sally. Even while writing this, I can feel the fun + romance swirling around me! For the schedule as well as to buy tickets, check out the Jardin Royalmount website.

3)    NIGHTTIME ENCHANTMENT: Are you ready to be swept away by enchanting lights, fairy-like characters and wonderful wishes? Then the Foresta Lumina experience is perfect for you. Located only 1.5 hours outside of Montreal, along the canyon of Coaticook, Moment Factory has created a nighttime multisensory experience. In a “moody but magical” setting, you and your date will be swept up in Quebec mythology throughout this magical journey. For tickets click here.

4)    SLEEP WITH WOLVES: 1.5 hours outside of Montreal lies the wonderfully playful Omega Park. And, although many of us have already experienced the drive-thru, feed-the-animals thing, did you know that they also have a relatively new experience of sleeping with the wolves? Don’t worry, you don’t *actually* sleep with them - you are safely tucked away in a cabin - but the experience is pretty impressive. From your windowed cabin, you can observe the wolf pack playing with their cubs, eating, sleeping, roaming around, growling and interacting with each other. And, as an added bonus, you will be awoken several times during the night to their amazingly intense lunar howling (yes, yes, I know they aren’t actually howling at the moon, but it’s more romantic to pretend they are!). An overnight getaway is just what the romance doctor ordered after 18 months of zero alone time! For all the details click here.

5)    GO ON A PIRATE ADVENTURE: Have you checked out Voiles en Voiles? We went as a family to traverse the aerial parcours and had a blast. The one downside was that we stuck to the easier courses, you know, cuz kids. But now I am ready to go back, sans kids, to try to see how we would manage at the more difficult courses! Side-by-side with my husband, I am ready to get my adrenaline pumping before hitting one of the amazing restaurants along the Old Port. For tickets and to reserve click here.

Making some time for romance, in my humble opinion, is extremely important to the health and happiness of a couple. And, couple the romantic time with some pure, unadulterated fun, and you have an award-winning combination! Let me know your favorite date night ideas that are a little more “outside the box”!

- Sarah Birtwistle

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