Parenting 101: 5 Crafts for kids to do while at home

Fall is an easy time to plan some craft projects because nature has provided you with all the supplies you need! Take a walk or go on a hike, collect some coloured leaves, acorns, pinecones, and more, and try out these 5 crafts for kids to do while at home.

Leaf animals. Use the differently shaped and coloured leaves to create a myriad of adorable woodland critters. Add googly eyes, pompom noses, or stickers to really personalize them.

Make a fall wreath. All you need is a good base (you can buy wreath-shaped Styrofoam rings in all sizes, or repurpose a hanger or even a section of a pool noodle). Then you can add any number of beautiful details provided by nature. To help it last longer, give it a spray of clear coat paint.

Acorn mobile or wind chime. Put all those little acorns to good use by hanging them from strings and making a decorative mobile that can be a hung from the ceiling. You can also paint the acorns, or put the caps on little marbles for little charms.

A leaf suncatcher. Cut little squares of fall-coloured tissue paper and use a wash of school glue and water to layer them on wax paper. Then, trace a shape of a leaf on top of the coloured glued squares and cut out. Hang in a window and watch the pretty colours shine through.

Paint with nature. You can do a lot with the things you find outside, especially when you throw paint into the mix (well, don't throw it). Cut an apple or potato in half, press into paint and stamp. You can also gather leaves and flowers to create makeshift paintbrushes. Tape a few leaves onto a piece of paper and let your child paint all around it - when you remove the leaves, you'll have the beautiful outline of them instead.

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