With all this extra time on our hands, it makes sense that we've had opportunities to reevaluate our interiors and possibly our organizational systems (or lack thereof). Home decor companies like HomeSense have caught onto the organizing craze and are offering whole collections of smart, practical, beautiful pieces that are both stylish in form and function.

Mylène Houle Morency is a professional organizer and the owner of FLO Organisation, and she is also a spokesperson for HomeSense. She said that most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to organizing: revealers and concealers. Neither one is right or wrong, and both styles can be organized or disorganized.

"Revealers need to see their stuff in order to operate in their every-day life and be efficient and productive, and you can use great tools and accessories to achieve this" she explained. In the entryway pictured above, wire baskets sleekly hide every-day necessities, like a yoga mat or outdoor playthings. "Group things together that are not as pretty, like reusable grocery bags and dog-walking accessories." Hooks in an entryway are also great for kids and provide an easy visual for finding stuff. "Before the age of 9, children don’t usually have the fine motor skills to be able to hang things up on hangers, and it's a lot easier to pop something on a hook," she said. In this entryway, different systems are used for various items so that "when you take that last look on your way out the door you can make sure you’re not forgetting anything."

Concealers, on the other hand, need things to be hidden away and have clear surfaces with everything in drawers or behind doors. "You could just throw everything inside and it’s away, but it's still disorganized," Morency said. "This type of person needs to have things in opaque baskets that are labeled so they know what’s hidden in them. Drawer organizers are really great, and a rotating lazy Susan is fantastic on higher up shelves in pantries and cupboards so you can get to the right oil or vinegar or whatever it is you need.”

HomeSense is running a contest where you could win a gift card for $2,500 to shop at HomeSense plus two virtual organizing sessions with Mylene. The contest is live here and will be until April 11th.

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