Healthy Life: Smoking outside of buildings

As a non smoker it’s the dirtiest thing to walk thru. Let me just say that I rather enjoy smelling the shampoo (when I had hair on my head ) or the perfume I’d selected for the day but walking thru cigarette smokers is just dirty.

As a cancer survivor, it's scary too and maddening.

There have been two incidents lately of a smoking crowd that have inspired my rant, so here we go.

The first time was at, get ready, my sons hockey game. Is there nothing more disgusting than stepping out for a smoke knowing your child is getting ready for exercise. If being at a sporting event doesn’t encourage you to stop I guess nothing can. 

The group, like most, didn’t bother respecting the distance zone that most places have actually outlined on the ground much like designated wheelchair parking.

I walked to the car for something and on my way back to the doors there was a group smoking so I just stopped walking. I was hoping they’d understand I didn’t wish to walk thru the smoke.

They saw me but didn’t move, so, I didn’t move. I just stood there waiting. Maybe I had my invisibility cloak on that day. It happens more these days, people looking thru me not at me but I could see my reflection in the doors, so clearly I wasn’t invisible but I guess when you’re the minority, no one needs to acknowledge you.

Again, its obvious when you see me that I’ve been thru something because my hair is just peach fuzz. Shave to save ringing any bells? No woman intentionally wants to do this to themselves unless it’s a movie roll lol so when you see me coming and I stop maybe take a second to ask yourself, is this bald chick stopping because she doesn’t want to inhale my smoke? Because.. Yes.. this is exactly what I’m doing. Step aside smoke screen.

Today, I had finished physio, thank you Carolyn Bogusz, because I’ve lost some mobility in my arm due to the lymph node surgery and radiation yada yada . So I’m leaving Concordia Sports Physio in Pointe Claire and two employees from somewhere in the building, in black matching office jackets, headed for a smoke. They went thru the doors stopping right on the other side because it was raining. (You can give yourself cancer but not wet hair). Might I add seniors using the medical building have to use the door too. Anyway, they lit up as I was exiting. I held my breath walking by because after what I’ve been thru, breathing in toxic cigarette is the last thing I want to do. Am I sensitive? Yes. Chemo f%#^ing sucked. So I mentioned to them that I had just finished chemo ( duh the hair) and that they were too close to the doors. I got the “you’re right”, (basically a fu%# you) because they didn’t move.

So, if you see yourself here, I’m calling you out in hopes next time you respect space around the doors.

I hope you never go thru cancer.

Here’s wishing smokers move away from space around the doors to keep the air clean. I can only hope.

Laura Muer is a native West Islander and single mom, and she's not defined by life’s curve balls. 

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