Healthy Life: Nomadic Nurse Agency provides invaluable mobile nursing services

Melanie Jade Boulerice has been a practicing registered nurse for seven years in the emergency room as well as in psychiatry. A graduate of John Abbott College followed by a BScN degree at St. Francis Xavier University, and is currently a teacher for the OIIQ exam workshops through John Abbott College. 

She developed a program to provide resources to nursing students in preparation for the Quebec licensing exam (OIIQ/OIIAQ) including study tools, tutoring and mentorship in the health care field. She is currently a nurse in the MUHC Montreal General Emergency Room, a Level 1 trauma centre, as well. She created a mobile nurse service in order to bring nursing experience on-site to events to encourage preventative care, and can provide quick assessments that lessens the load on hospital emergency rooms. The Nomadic Nurse Agency also places experienced nurses in pharmacies for the same reason (however this service is on hold during the pandemic). 

Here's what Melanie Jade Boulerice had to say about her important and life-saving work.

What are your current mobile nursing services?

I've been going house to house with full protection doing blood tests, injections, and other very necessary procedures. Some need injections every month because they have started on vaccine regimens and need an update.

How has your work experience helped created these services?

I've worked front line at emergency, and I have triage experience and emergency situation experience as well.

How do people get in touch to book such services?

They call me directly (438-888-8979). They need their requisition from their doctor (because every blood test now has to be prescribed by doctor), and I work with two labs.

Are there any services you won't do?

Glucose tolerance tests are not advisable to do at home, so I won’t do those. And certain blood test indicated by the lab where the patient has to be there for the test.

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