Recipe: Santa’s Fav!

Santa would give this yummy holiday-inspired cocktail a ho, ho, ho!


2 oz. Amarula Cream Liqueur

5 oz. salted caramel syrup

5 oz. cream

2 oz. almond milk

1 whole star anis, for garnish

Almond slivers, to taste, for garnish

Hazelnut slivers, to taste, for garnish

Pistachio slivers, to taste, for garnish


- Put all ingredients, except those for the garnish, in a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously for eight to ten seconds.

- Filter with a strainer in a stem glass.

- For garnish, top the cocktail with slivers of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and star anise.

AS SHARED BY Fanny Gauthier, Ateliers & Saveurs / Bar à cocktails La Plage, @fannycocktails@ateliersetsaveurs

While cookie exchanges are an annual tradition for many, South African cream-based liqueur, Amarula, is hoping to take the joy of sharing our favourite recipes much further this year. Just in time to celebrate National Cookie Exchange Day on December 22nd, the brand, along with 16 of the country’s top mixologists and bakers, are kick-starting what they hope will become Canada’s largest virtual cookie exchange which will ensure no matter what, we can still come together over the holidays and pay it forward, to benefit Food Banks of Quebec.

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