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As I left the cinema after seeing Toy Story 3 weeping in tears, I was convinced that this would be the last I’d see of this beloved franchise. It was a perfect ending and wrapped up the series perfectly… that’s until I saw the great fourth film, a sequel I was initially against.

I didn’t know how to feel upon the announcement of Lightyear. On one hand, my inner child thought it was an awesome idea that was actually an angle never explored in the original films. On the flip side, I asked myself, “Is this really necessary?” While I’m happy to report that the film is loads of fun from beginning to end for the entire family and a great way to continue to build upon to Toy Story lore.

Right from the beginning, the film reminds you of its initial pitch and I couldn’t help but smile. This film is the one that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy in the original films which also happens to be Andy’s favourite movie. This is a spin-off that works as it gives you a fresh take on an iconic character and is very much a science-fiction movie, a complete departure from the Toy Story films.

As for as Pixar movies go, there are a few signature emotional moments but you can tell the filmmakers focused more on creating a fun family adventure- and it that respect it delivers. The animation looks spectacular, rich in detail and sometimes just as realistic as real life. The action sequences are very well choreographed and very different from one another, so it never feels stale. However, if you’re here for something deeper in substance, this isn’t the film the filmmakers chose to make.

Chris Evans voices Buzz this time around and gives a performance as earnest and kind hearted as his Captain America. The real scene stealer is a cat by the name of Sox. He’s monotone, consistently funny and never comes up as annoying, a worry I had when I saw the initial trailer.

Overall, this is a fun family film that kids will adore and adults will be happy they saw. It was a nice blend of your favourite space films with the Pixar touch. It also gives you context as to why Andy loves Buzz so much in the original films, and if that was the point of this film then mission accomplished!

- Jesse Ostroff

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