Entertainment: Lauren Lee Smith talks about tonight's Frankie Drake Mysteries finale

The Frankie Drake Mysteries' season finale airs tonight with an episode called “Once Burnt Twice Spied." When Frankie, played by Lauren Lee Smith, gets a mysterious call from a British spy, Mary discovers how she and Trudy met, and how Drake Private Detectives was formed. Here's what this lead actress had to say about the series' juiciest episode yet, and whether the show is returning for Season 2.

Tell us about the series finale.

It is an amazing episode and everyone should tune and watch it. I can tell you that it’s really interesting because we get to find out how the agency started and came to be. You get to dive into the past and get to see some of Frankie’s history and some flashbacks, you see a lot of action, you get some drama... it's a little bit of everything. It also leaves a lot of doors open to explore and look at what could happen next if there were a Season 2.

Will there be a Season 2?

We are extremely hopeful and our fingers are crossed, and we're hoping we’ll know really soon.

What has it been like working on this project?

Every cliché that’s out there - I sound like a broken record, but it's been such an incredible experience from beginning to end to get to play this role. I've gotten to play this strong, independent, empowered female character and work alongside these incredible women whom I adore as performers and human beings, and I work for people who I have history with and really respect, and we get to work and shoot this fun action-packed show! For me, it’s been a complete joy and honour, and I feel really lucky.

Why do you think these “throwback” series are such a hit with modern-day viewers?

There's this nostalgic appeal to look at the past. We all sort of enjoy doing that to a certain degree. For me that’s part of it: I like the pace of present-day television but I love taking a glimpse into the past, and for me it’s what makes these shows work so well. It's the action and pace, and procedural aspects, in our case, so in a sense it’s very current, but the show takes place in 1921. I find that very unique.

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