Community Heroes: Say hello to our new blogger Angie and her hero son!

Have you ever felt so inspired by a story, that it made you get out of your seat and take action? How can you help? What can you do? What if this story was not only about a member in your community, but the hero was a 2-year-old boy? This is my family’s story and it centers around MY hero: my son Brandon.

In February of 2020, at the start of the pandemic, a cancerous tumour was discovered in my son’s tiny 2-year-old body. Our world was thrown into chaos and everything we had ever dreamed and looked forward to was suddenly exposed and threatened by cancer. The better part of the last 12 months was spent at the hospital where my son underwent surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, a stem cell transplant and immunotherapy (just to name a few). While it was very difficult to smile, to laugh, and to care about anything else, we always maintained a deep sense of gratitude to the staff at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. They gave our son a second lease on life.

Towards the end of his treatments, my husband and I knew we had to do something to pay it forward and so we created the non-profit, Brandon’s Buddies. Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for the Pediatric Oncology Department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Our non-profit was received extremely well by our friends, family and strangers alike, and we have raised thousands of dollars for the Pediatric Oncology Department.

Our story of hope, love and determination is not the only inspiring story in our community. We have met other strong families that have created beauty from hardship. These are the stories we must hear more about and draw inspiration from so that we can invite hope back into our lives. Follow me weekly and discover the wonderful initiatives happening in our community and ways in which you can support and get involved. Be apart of the story. Be a hero.

Angie Schizas is a mom to a warrior child and co-founder of Brandon’s Buddies, a non-profit that benefits the Pediatric Oncology Department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @brandonsbuddiesmtl. To donate to their cause, click here.

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Brandon has been an inspiration to many of us watching him brave out all that he's gone through. He's our Super Hero. And that bravery stems from the loving dedication and encouragement he constantly receives from his mom, and love from his dad.

Looking forward to future postings.

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