Community Heroes: ABOVAS

Back in June I wrote a segment about ABOVAS – West Island Volunteer Accompaniment Service. The volunteers at this organization accompany people to their vital medical appointments. What most of us take for granted can literally mean life or death to those without other modes of transportation. This could be the elderly couple who can no longer drive. Or the young couple whose spouse cannot drive due to illness. It can be your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend. Delaying a consultation with your doctor can lead to a delayed diagnosis which can have a tragic outcome. This group of volunteers fill the gaps where friends and family cannot. And it goes without saying that the current pandemic has added an extra layer of complexity with regards to securing a health appointment.

ABOVAS continues to grow and recruit volunteers and they are also hosting their first annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser! The fundraiser will take place on Sunday October 24th and will be held at Mundo Trattoria in Kirkland. The event will be held from noon until 6:30pm and tickets are available for just $40. A delicious meal of pasta will also include a dessert and coffee or tea. Treating yourself and giving back to society all in one! Click this link to select your timeslot and support ABOVAS’ mission.

To reach out to ABOVAS as a client, a volunteer or a donor, please follow this link.

Angie Schizas is a mom to a warrior child and co-founder of Brandon’s Buddies, a non-profit that benefits the Pediatric Oncology Department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @brandonsbuddiesmtl. To donate to their cause, click here.

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