Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Is Justin Trudeau really relaxing in Florida this week to recharge his batteries and forget about the SNC Lavalin  scandal? Or is he getting ready to hit the road for a re-election campaign?

Several good sources tell me that Trudeau will soon pull the trigger on an early May election. It makes a lot of sense. He cannot have this story  follow him for the next six months. So after his party tables a good news budget, he will tell Canadians that he did the right thing by asking Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General at the time, to intervene in an ongoing criminal prosecution case against SNC Lavalin. He wanted to save jobs and if the opposition has a problem with that he will let the people decide.

Several suppliers who are called upon by candidates in   federal elections have told me they were contacted already to  be prepared to  start printing material soon for a May vote. This  would catch the  opposition  off guard. The Tories  do not have all of their candidates (plus they have Maxim Bernier set to split votes in different ridings), the NDP are a mess and the Bloc Québecois are just getting to know their new leader.

Trudeau will clearly dump the disloyal Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott. The Tories  would be wise to recruit them.

It is a calculated gamble, but one that could give Trudeau another four years in office.

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The alternative is scary. Take an example of Ontario now!


Ontario is a great province to be in right now, 41,400 new jobs were added in January, while other provinces lost jobs during the same period.


Canada cannot survive another 4 years of this disengeuous idiot


Canada may not survive the past four years of him. It certainly can't survive an electorate that fails learn from such a mistake.


Much less Mr Scheer🤣!

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