Trudeau Beards

Justin's new (left) and now old (right) look.

Get ready for an August federal election campaign. The proof is on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cleanly groomed face. On Canada Day he stepped in front of the cameras looking every bit like the fashion icon that helped get his Liberal Party elected twice consecutively in the last six years. Gone is the messy hair, moustache and beard.

Trudeau’s shaggy look surfaced just before the COVID-19 pandemic a year and a half ago. We never got a statement as to why he decided to stop shaving or cutting his hair. Then came the daily press conferences in front of his cottage. The wind often blew the hair over his eyes  and he did not appear to be trimming the beard and moustache. But I must say, as time I marched on the look grew on me.

Trudeau is only 49 years old and as pre-beard clips surfaced on many news items, I could see how the facial hair materialized. “Justin you still look like a kid, especially around all of those world leaders,” I could hear his advisors telling him. “Stop shaving.”

“Donald Trump will not push you around,” I could hear another advisor shouting out. “A beard will intimidate him.”

In recent months the hair, moustache and beard got neater.

Now it is all gone. As we speak, election posters are are at the print shop. Trudeau wants Canadians to see him clean cut before they go to the COVID-19 ballot box, Women voters will reclaim the heartthrob they voted to lead our country in 2015 and 2019.

On Twitter Thursdays, journalists from across the country all joined in to fawn over Trudeau’s lack of facial hair.

So when an election is called soon, Trudeau will join Tory leader Erin O’Toole in the beardless category. Bloc Québecois leader Yves-François Blanchet  and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will keep theirs.

The leader of the Green Party is a woman. And Annamie Paul is facing a non-confidence vote on July 20. If a man replaces her, he will be the tie-breaker.

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