Melina Soochan

Melina Soochan

Dollard des Ormeaux resident and piano teacher Melina Soochan would normally be busy performing during the holidays with her jazz and pop cover band. But not this year.

"The year 2020 has thrown us all curve balls, that's for sure!" says the multi-talented Melina.

Well, Melina's creativity is still going strong. What started as a joke poem she wrote, A COVID Christmas, has been narrated by her guitarist and good friend Marc Coté. Seeing some funny potential in the video, which is meant to make light of the situation around the holidays and the various COVID restrictions in place, she decided to have it animated and put on YouTube.  

You can watch it here.

Below is the exact poem.

A Covid Christmas (by Melina Soochan, 2020)

As the snowflakes drift lightly to the ground

And the Christmas lights twinkle throughout the town

Neighbours decorate to bring Yuletide cheer

Children hope to see Santa’s nine reindeer

But the gifts and the fun will all be in vain

For this season Old St Nick’s gone insane

Families will keep few and far between

Holidays destroyed by Covid-nineteen

Downtown stores empty as they close up shop

All the hustle and bustle of life has stopped

No church bells this time will ring in the year

This virus has got us all gripped in fear

No smiles from your neighbourhood post office

Face masks have us all looking suspicious

Santa won’t be allowed to visit your home

The three kings of Orient continuously roam

A silent night like never before

A Netflix Christmas is what’s in store

You shouldn’t expect any gifts this year

For those living alone we must shed a tear

No cross-country trek to see mom and dad

Turkey dinner for one with a lonely iPad

Forced lockdown has got us all stir crazy

No gyms, no sports, keep us fat and lazy

But at the end of the road there’s a shining light

We put 2020 behind us, we’ll say in hindsight

Labs are working hard to bring a vaccine

Immunity’s our only hope for Covid-nineteen

It’s been hard, it’s been tough, no carols to sing

Economic distress ruined everything

But one day we’ll get through this, don’t give up the fight

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

A graduate with a Bachelor's degree from McGill University‘s world-renowned music program, and holding a Performer's diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Melina's  performances across the East Coast of Canada, the Northern United States, the Caribbean and Mexico, are tailored to match any setting. Naturally that is all on hold during the pandemic. She  has produced three albums and is presently a key player in a teen songwriting competition Overture With The Arts. At the well-known John Molson School of Business, she acquired the skills, connections and partnerships to build the live music agency Scène Prestige Productions, which she ran from 2014 to 2018.

Here is one of her videos.

Bravo Melina and Marc!

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