Laura Casella joining Global

Laura Casella

It appears that Global Television has found a permanent replacement for Camille Ross as the anchor for its morning news program and they have turned to someone who is no stranger to getting up early. Look for an announcement very shortly that Laura Casella will jump from City’s Breakfast TV by the end of this month.

Global News has confirmed to me Casella's hiring, as well as weather person Kim Sullivan's move to full-time status.

Ross moved to London, Ontario to be with her new husband. Global TV station manager Karen Macdonald had successfully lured her away from CTV.

Casella is an original member of the BT crew when it signed on three years ago. Prior to that she was the morning reporter for CJAD and a producer of the Tommy Schnurmacher show before that.

Originally, Casella was filing live reports for BT each morning. After returning from maternity leave last spring, she stepped in as interim co-anchor to replace Joanne Vrakas who had just gone on mat leave herself.

Ross relocated to Toronto a few months ago. Paola Samuel, Kelly Greig and Andrea Howick have shared the duties this summer and appeared to be candidates for the job. Casella is the complete package: charismatic, beautiful and full of energy. She lights up the screen.

As for Kim Sullivan, late of The Beat 92.5 FM, she has been on the job since Jessica Laventure left for a job with Club Med. She has been a really good fit and I would have been very surprised had she not to been given the nod. 

Vrakas is expected back very soon. BT, which still has no permanent in-house general manager since Renato Zane left a few months ago, already abolished one job when Live Eye reporter Wilder Weir was let go. To make up for the loss, weather person Catherine Verdon Diamond now pulls double duty and heads out on the road after her live shift. Producer Domenic Fazioli does the same thing. The dean of Montreal crime reporters, Fazioli is digging up some great stories. Casella was going to add to that dynamic. Now we must wait to see if BT fills her post or not.

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