Lee Haberkorn

Lee Haberkorn

Lee Haberkorn, the popular weekend morning show host on Virgin Radio FM 96 in Montreal, is leaving town. He is headed to Kitchener, Ontario where he will be the star weekday morning guy for their Virgin Radio station 105.3 FM.

“I love Montreal and being part of the amazing team at Virgin Radio in my hometown,” Lee told me. “I was offered to be part of the rebranding of a radio station in Kitchener and lead the charge as the morning show host - an opportunity I could not pass up. The guidance I've gotten here from Mark Bergman and Freeway Frank has been invaluable for my career. I'm excited for this next chapter.”

The strappingly tall 31 year old Haberkorn will be moving on August 15. “We'll be working with a coach to get the morning show up and running as soon as possible,” he says. “Hopefully it'll be on air before the end of the month.”

Haberkorn will be missed in the community. He had worked at the Segal Centre for the Arts,  the Rialto and St. James Theatres, KIC Country and Kloda Focus when, in June 2014, he actually won a contest to be a Virgin Radio announcer for the summer. He turned out to be a great catch. Because of his dynamic personality, he soon became the station’s “go to” guy to attend community events where he did remotes, served as the emcee and even performed live auctions. Since last January he has been on staff full time, creating original online content such as pranks and client promotions, in addition to his weekend duties.

“One of my career goals has always been to be the host for a morning show,” says Lee. “Being given this opportunity seems surreal - and I'm embracing the challenge! I look forward to gaining experience and moving back to Montreal or maybe Toronto as a distant second choice in the coming years. Creating original online content has also been a crucial part of my journey at fast tracking my place in the media landscape. So, I plan on continuing to work in several forms of media.”

We wish this Côte Saint-Luc native the best of luck and will give him a listen online.


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