Freeway and Natasha

Lee Haberkorn with Natasha and Freeway.

On April 1 I wrote an April Fool’s day blog that Freeway Frank (Franco Depalo)and Natasha Gargiulo would be moving to the drive home show spot on Virgin Radio Montreal  to make way for Vinny Barrucco, who recently left  The Beat 92.5 FM.

With Vinny expected to rejoin Virgin this month, we can tell you that Freeway and Natasha have been removed completely from the website. That only fuels speculation that they are no longer with the station and Vinny will take the morning spot.  The Beat, previously with Vinny,Nikki and Sam and now with   Andy, Nikki and Sam, were solidly ahead of Virgin in the ratings.

Radio can be a rotten business. Too many good broadcasters have lost their jobs and with Bell Media controlling most of the mainstream stations where else do these people go? Mark Bergman and Virgin parted ways a few months ago. He was the program director and drive home show host for 24 years. He has bounced  back nicely as a part-timer on The Beat and a podcast host and producer. Vinny left The Beat last winter, but as part of a non-compete  clause he had to sit out a certain period of  time before rejoining Virgin. If he does take mornings, the drive home show slot originally reserved for him remains up for grabs. Will Virgin poach someone else from The Beat? Let's hope  Lee Haberkorn remains in place in the morning or gets the afternoon gig.

If Freeway and Natasha are indeed looking for work I would love to see Global or City TV find a role for them. They are simply too talented and beloved by their fans to be on the sidelines.

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