Fibe TV

My Bell Fibe TV app is the only ticket I need.

Let me be frank from the start. I really look forward to the day when I feel ready to attend games of the Canadiens, Laval Rocket, Alouettes and Impact in person.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have found a new way to watch my favorite teams play. People often ask how I balance my different jobs and still get to sleep a few hours a night. Well, let me give the credit to my Bell Fibe TV subscription. Time simply does not permit me to sit on a couch and watch a game exclusively. So, what I do is charge up my iPad and click on the Bell TV app. I could be preparing tomorrow night’s meal or washing the dishes, but the game is on and I can pause, rewind or fast forward. Next I head downstairs to my home office, park myself in front of the computer and start working. The iPAD is conveniently placed to the left of my keyboard.

For the 2021-22 season opener I was so excited to watch the ceremonies and introductions. Since I was a kid, I always get goose bumps and this year was no exception. It was both exciting and uncomfortable to see the Bell Centre filled – exciting because there was that much needed ambience in the building; uncomfortable in that I saw too many people not wearing their masks properly. In the private box housing family and friends of New York Rangers young star Alexis Lafreniere, nobody was wearing masks. They were hugging, shaking hands and likely sharing food.

COVID-19 is not over! Sure, everyone allowed inside the building must show a vaccine passport. Being double-vaxxed does not make you immune to COVID. Flu season is here and since there is no flu vaccine passport, coughs, colds and fevers will be spreading easier than last year when we were all in lockdown.

During the course of the home opener, I got a whole lot of work done. Yet I did not miss one goal or penalty call and thoroughly enjoyed the Hockey Night in Canada intermissions. Oh yes, I also recorded the game just in case my wife and decided to watch a movie. Had we followed the route I would have merely avoided any coverage of the game and watched with my hand on the fast forward button. I can get the entire game under my belt this way in about a half hour.

It is early in the season and the Habs are 0-3. I can safely predict they will not make the playoffs.

The Alouettes are exciting to watch. I’d feel safer watching them play since it is outdoors. CF Montreal, a name I still can’t adapt to, are not tugging at my fan-strings. The Laval Rocket may in fact be the best ticket in town. However, despite the fact I am very safely vaccinated, I am pretty certain I will be skipping the 2021-22 seasons as a spectator.

Thank goodness for Bell Fibe TV!

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