Dave Kaufman

Dave Kaufman in studio.

One of the brightest voices on Montreal radio is packing his bags and moving to London, England.

Dave Kaufman's last show as host of CJAD's The Exchange will be this Friday, September 30. He moves to the UK on October 5 and he is doing it all for love. For the past year he has been in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend Natalie, a business consultant in London. Dave is not heading there alone. He will be bringing his 15 year old cat Jack with him. "Jack's plane ticket cost more than mine," he said.

Kaufman, 36, first came to all of our attention when he started hosting his own show on the TEAM  990, now TSN 690. It was appropriately called The Kaufman Show and focused a lot on  Expos nostalgia. He got very involved with colleague Matthew Ross and Expos Nation and pledges that if major league baseball returns he will immediately begin lobbying his signficant other to move to Montreal.

Three years ago CJAD introduced  The Exchange weeknights. Kaufman has been the host for three evenings while Dan Delmar handled the other two. There is a lot of current affairs and political content, as well as news of the day and interesting guests. I am a regular listener and a big fam of both these guys. Delmar, though, is stepping down too in order to devote more time to his public relations agency but he will still be heard on the station in different capacities. So  it looks as if program director Chris Bury has to find new hosts or revamp the format. "Stay tuned," was all he could share with me.

If anyone wants to hear my suggestions they would be as follows: Toula Drimonis, Yolande James, Dan Laxer, David McGimpsey, Jay Farrar, Peter Anthony Holder, Kevin Holden or James Mennie.

"I am not closing any doors," Kaufman said. "If a full-time radio opportunity came along I'd consider it. Right now I am working three days a week and loving every minute if it. I am very grateful to Mitch Melnick. He has served as my true mentor in radio and got me in the door first."

If you'd like to say good-bye to Kaufman in person, he'll be the emcee for the Expos Nation presentation of the film Spaceman on Saturday, October 1  at 7 pm  and 9 pm at the Cinema de Sève, Webster Library, Concordia University, 1400 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O.

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