Annie  DeMelt

Annie DeMelt

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) has scored quite a coup with an announcement today  that  popular CTV News Montreal reporter and weekend anchor Annie DeMelt will join their communications team, effective January 27.

DeMelt is an outstanding journalist whom I have had the good fortune of working with for many years. It is a big loss from CTV.  She is a true professional. Her boyfriend is Paul Karwatsky,  the CTV News weekday co-anchor and I certainly respected the way as a couple they were able to also work together in the newsroom as well. Now there will be a lot of new things to talk about around the dinner table. DeMelt is following the route  Tara Schwartz took last year when she left CTV Montreal for a new career in PR.

DeMelt is a veteran journalist with 18 years of experience and has overseen the production of the CTV News Montreal weekend newscast since December 2018. She also has a passion for storytelling and said she is looking forward to joining the MUHC’s communications team in order to take on this new career challenge.

 “For many years, as one of the main public faces of CTV News Montreal, I know what it means to be entrusted with the image of a major institution and have demonstrated the ability to build bridges with different communities," she said. "Having an opportunity to now tell MUHC-related stories and help develop the organization’s brand with creativity and passion is an enormous privilege."

One of Ms. DeMelt’s main priorities will be to oversee the launch of MUHCTV, a new on-line platform that will produce and disseminate both live and pre-recorded video content on the MUHC’s different social media channels. MUHCTV is scheduled to officially launch in the coming weeks. The primary goal of this new communications tool is to incorporate more video reports to continue ensuring that internal members of the MUHC community as well as its different external audiences are kept up-to-date in real time on a multitude of content.

“I have always been a firm believer in the importance of communications. I think the MUHCTV project introduced by our Communications’ team will act as a new and useful tool that will provide the MUHC community with video reports highlighting important news and events. At the same time it will showcase our world-class medical teams and highlight our commitment to our patients and families,” said Dr. Pierre Gfeller, President and Executive Director of the MUHC.

 MUHCTV will also promote teaching, clinical and research news as well as employee/patient profiles both internally at the MUHC and externally to local, national and international audiences.

“Given her wealth of journalism experience, I am convinced Ms. DeMelt’s unique skill set will help the MUHC further attain its communications goals while also ensuring the success of MUHCTV,” said Darren Becker, Associate Director of Communications at the MUHC.

Now the question is who will succeed DeMelt as weekend anchor? Only News Chief Jed Kahane knows for sure.

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