Yas and Maude, The Dump

Yas and Maude: a true love story.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is this love story of Montrealers Yas Bouhid, 34, and Maude Morissette, 32.

“Eight years ago I fell madly in love with a beautiful comedian named Maude,” Yas tells me. “That's when a wave of creative madness crashed onto my well-ordered life. I'm a lawyer, I have a demanding job but I assure you she puts in more hours than me!”

To thank Maude for putting a smile on his face every day and because she’s been working so hard to create her web series called The Dump /La Dump.  Yas decided to help her finance season two via a very original Kickstarter campaign that went live a few days ago. Here's the link. 

“Maude has been working on this project for two years day and night and invested all of her savings,” Yas explains. “Instead of buying a house, we put everything in a web series about puppets. We may be a little insane! She was right to believe in it because two years later with no promo whatsoever, the series won six awards worldwide and 14 nominations. We travelled to Berlin, Cannes, Miami and Seoul. It's been quite a ride. And the real story behind this is love! My love for her. I just want to see her succeed and for her it simply means doing more of what she loves surrounded by friends and close collaborators. They deserve it."

The Dump is best described as South Park meets Sesame Street with cheeky, edgy puppets who live in the sewers. They’re not clean, not polite and fairly inappropriate. The short efficient sketches are considered “absurd, fast-paced and funny.” The premise of this interactive comedy series revolves around a character named Beauty, a former small town pageant winner who is compulsive, naïve and has the voice of an old smoker. She eats whatever she finds: Q-tips, rocks, screws, paper. Everything except gluten! Her lover Beard, President Donald Trump’s illegitimate son, is the male with no alpha. He's a strange mix between a Viking, a pirate, a cowboy, a Scot and he always carries a gun. He's not to be messed with. The dysfunctional but endearing couple got kicked out of the US for public disorder and are now wandering in Canada’s undergrounds with their crazy friends the No-Faced Fairy, Dead Grandma, the Mute Smoker, the Newsreader and the Senile Dictator.

The Dump won six awards in Berlin, Rio, Austin, Montreal, Sicily and Seoul, had 14 nominations and was ranked as one of the top five  webseries worldwide. "We did this with no promotions whatsoever, and here we are making more episodes," says Yas.  

The Dump Season Two promises to be even more interactive and socially-engaged.  Through comedy, they will address current events and social themes like the US and international news, LGBT rights and acceptance, environmental issues, racism, relationship with elders, gender equality, and more. The series will carry a strong message.

How the Love Story Began

Now back to the love story.  Yas and Maude  actually first met 11 years ago. Yas was interning at a law firm and went to the downtown Tristan locale to buy some new suits. Maude was working there and he became immediately smitten, sticking around to talk to her for about an hour. He left, knowing he would see her again when it came time to pick up his suits. But when walking home from work the day he had hoped to reunite with Maude someone threw a beer bottle, hitting him in the face. He went to the hospital and required stitches. A friend picked up his suits. With a nasty scar on his face, Yas decided to wait to go see Maude again. When he did several months later she no longer worked there. Life with his dream girl was over. Fast forward three years. He decided to take a comedy workshop for fun. As participants went around the circle introducing themselves he heard a familiar voice. It was that girl from Tristan whom he never forgot about.

Yas tried valiantly to ask Maude on a date, but she continued to refuse. Then one day it turned out that she needed some legal advice related to her landlord. Yas was the only lawyer she knew. He got her out of the problem and from there came a date and a relationship.

“I see now that I hit the jackpot with Yas,” Maude told me.

Maude says she is so overwhelmed by the role Yas is playing to help build her web series.

The Kickstarter campaign is inviting members of the public to part of season two and help finish eight new episodes! “We shot enough video material, but we still need to finish the post-production, editing, sound mixing, voice-overs in English and French which are half the costs,” says Maude. “A few extra scenes will be shot for the new characters and new props. With just a little bit of funds we can edit and finish eight cool new three-minute episodes in English and French.”

Maude is offering some unique rewards. Between sketches The Dump has eclectic funny animations that are part of the series DNA. “We want to make something cool and interactive with them,” she says. “Imagine you or someone you know floating around on a unicorn or your face being hit outside a stadium by Babe Ruth!"

Yas says this is the best ride he has ever embarked upon! “Sharing your life with an artist comes with its fair share of surprises,” he says. “I have a corporate job, but I animate puppets, serve coffee on sets, attended international festivals and now... I’m inviting you to to be part of this sweet, sweet madness!"

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Yas and Maude are an absolutely delightful couple! Best to the both of them with season 2 of The Dump. If you haven't seen season 1, find it now and enjoy!

Yas Bou

Thank you Mike for sharing our story! Here's the link http://kck.st/2kJ8qOw

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