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Producer & Musical director: Bob Bachelor

Featuring The Lyric Theatre Singers

Piano: Chad Linsley

Director & Editor: Alessandro Mercurio

Sound design: Rob Denton

Assistant Musical Director: Martin Kaller


The members of The Lyric Theatre Singers are delighted to present their rendition of “Beautiful City” from the musical Godspell. They began work on this song from their (now postponed) June Broadway Revue Show in the winter, and even then they were touched by its inspiring and hopeful message. After much work from the Singers and Bob Bachelor in close collaboration with our very own Alessandro Mercurio (video) and Rob Denton (sound), we are proud to share these few minutes of music with you, and hope they might soothe and brighten your day!

We also want to take this opportunity to shine a bright light on The Depot. The Lyric Theatre Singers has been a supporter of this community food centre for the last 30 years. Today and amidst the Covid-19 crisis, The Depot continues to provide emergency food baskets to members of the community who need it the most and who need it now more than ever. We thank them for their important work and we hope anyone who is able to help can contribute. Follow the links below to LEARN MORE and DONATE!

The Depot Covid-19 response




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